The first domestic key laboratory of sulfur hexafluoride gas
release time:2018-03-22 13:41
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  The first key laboratory of the State Grid Corporation of China-SF6 Gas Characteristic Analysis and Purification Technology Laboratory
  Although SF6 gas has the smallest impact on the greenhouse effect in comparison, it is listed as a greenhouse gas itself, which has attracted great attention from the power sector.
  The fact that sulfur hexafluoride gas is listed as a greenhouse gas has caused great repercussions among SF6 gas manufacturers, SF6 electrical equipment manufacturers and users. For this reason, SF6 electrical equipment manufacturers should reduce the use of SF6 gas in product design, and reduce the leakage and even the exhaust volume. Users must not discharge SF6 electrical equipment into the atmosphere when they are used at the end of their life. The manufacturer shall recover the SF6 gas in the electrical equipment at the end of its life, after treatment, and then provide it for use. The coordination of these three aspects forms a virtuous circle, which can effectively reduce the emission of sulfur hexafluoride into the atmosphere.
  For this reason, the first State Grid Corporation of China's key laboratory-the sulfur hexafluoride gas characteristics analysis and purification processing technology laboratory settled in Anhui. Sulfur hexafluoride gas laboratory is one of the first eight key laboratories of State Grid Corporation of China. Relying on the Anhui Electric Power Company, it carries out sulfur hexafluoride gas monitoring, management, recovery and treatment and device research and development for the power grid. It was named as the State Grid Corporation Laboratory in 2007, and passed the laboratory accreditation of the "China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment" the following year, and was designated as the State Grid Corporation Key Laboratory in March this year. The laboratory is equipped with advanced professional testing equipment at home and abroad, has a group of expert scientific researchers, and has achieved a number of scientific and technological achievements. At present, it has one invention patent and five national utility model patents, and its overall level is in the leading position in the country. .
  The key laboratory of State Grid Corporation is located in Anhui Electric Power Research Institute. As an important scientific research base of the provincial company system, the Electric Power Research Institute plays a very important scientific and technological leading role for the safe and stable operation of the power grid. Facing the current situation of leaping development of power grid construction, the construction of UHV and cross-regional power grids, especially smart grids, is fully promoted. The importance of scientific and technological innovation is increasing. The Electric Power Research Institute must seize the opportunity, give full play to the role of scientific research center, and aim at the international advanced level , Combining with the actual development of Anhui Power Grid, provide more theoretical innovation and practical results with independent intellectual property rights, and strive to achieve breakthroughs in national scientific and technological achievements awards.
  Wu Ping of the Anhui Electric Power Research Institute emphasized that the key to technological innovation is talents. The Electric Power Research Institute should actively introduce highly skilled talents, especially those who are in short supply in technological research and development, strengthen the training of talent teams, adopt a variety of effective incentive measures, and give priority to technological talents. Encourage them to produce more and great results; at the same time, it is necessary to strengthen contacts and exchanges with neighboring provinces, especially power research institutions in developed regions, and enter the advanced ranks of the State Grid System Electric Power Research Institute.
  The production and scientific research environment of the laboratory can be operated on the online detection system of dissolved gas in transformer oil, and the related data of remote transformer can be read.